Vermont Abenaki Artists Associations

The Vermont Abenaki Artists Association embodies the history, culture, and art of the Abenaki people. 

Our mission is to promote awareness of state-recognized Abenaki artists and their art, to provide an organized central place to share creative ideas, and to have a method for the public to find and engage state recognized Abenaki artists.

We do this by presenting public programs, cultural events, and museum exhibitions that educate the public in understanding Abenaki art and culture. Connect with us to stay up-to-date.We accomplish this by creating engaging cultural events, educational programs, exhibitions, and curriculum materials.

While most of our artists and performers preserve and pass down the traditional art of our ancestors, others create contemporary artistic expressions that are informed by tradition.

 VAAA’s experienced teaching artists have been doing educational programs at schools, historic sites and museums throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast areas of the United States, in Canada and as far away as Germany. Programs include lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and performances that carry the message that the Abenaki people are still here.

– From Vermont Abenaki Artists Association website.

Publisher: Vermont Abenaki Artists Association