The Vermont Abenaki – A Struggle for Recognition

Frederick M. Wiseman Ph.D.

WABANAAGIG, Land of the Rising Sun goes beyond words to encapsulate the strong emotions of the Wabanaki, a people who have emerged from centuries of oppression, occupation of their lands, and obliteration of their languages. Through these episodic stories, the series celebrates the strength and resiliency of a proud people.

In Episode 9, Abenaki of Vermont – A Struggle for Recognition’ years of struggle finally ends with the state recognition of the Abenaki nations at Vermont. Catalog Number: 10225 Archive Number: 10225.
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Producer: Wabanaagig TV

WABANAAGIG: Land of the Rising Sun, Episode 9, Wabanagig TV. 2013.

Series: Wabanaagig : Land Where the Sun Rises
Publisher: Wabanaagig TV
Length: 0:21:44
Year: 01/01/2013