The Case of the Silverplate Medal

Join Prof. Frederick Matthew Wiseman on the Heritage Hunt as he uses vintage Dark Academy science, deduction, and technology to venture cautiously into the exclusive and elitist world of “American Indian Antiquities Collecting” — identify and authenticate the provenance of a 1790s Greenville Medal.

Series Description
Dark Academia is a lifestyle, an aesthetic, and a mindset that ranges from a sub-genre of fiction to fashion and dark, bookish interior design. The Dark Academy captures its desire for classical learning and a quest for new truths — involving arcane knowledges and a pinch of danger. It celebrates academic freedom, and classical evidentiary discovery, analysis, and interpretation with satin-polished steel calipers, blackbody microscopes, and emotionally rewarding hours in the library stacks or on the trail.

Since 2020, the Dark Academy has gained immense popularity; especially among young adults. Its acceptance by vigorous young minds resonates with Sherlock Holmes’ tireless pursuit of the truth through the science of deduction, and Indiana Jones’ improbably magical discoveries in the field. But can the way of the Dark Academy be used to solve mysteries in real space and time?

So let us dust off our Harris Tweed and Hastings Triplet magnifying glass – the game is afoot!

Series created through a partnership between the Abenaki Arts & Education Center, Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, Heritage Hunter Productions, The Wobanakik Heritage Center, and Abenaki Cultural Conservancy.

Sponsored by the Vermont Department of Health.

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