The Abenaki (Indians of North America)

The Abenaki, part of the Indians of North America series, explores the lives of these native tribes that have lived for thousands of years in northern New England. Although their first contact with Europeans was peaceful, relations eventually soured as the newcomers seized Abenaki homelands by force or illegal treaty. By the early 20th century, it seemed the tribe’s way of life would completely disappear, but then the Abenaki began a political revival that crested in 1980, when they successfully sued the federal government and won a large settlement for their lost homelands.

Please note: This book was written prior to four Abenaki tribes being awarded state recognition in Vermont.

Publisher: Chelsea House Publisher

Author(s): Colin G. Calloway

Publisher: Chelsea House Publisher

Series: Indians of North America

Year: 1989

Grade Level: 10 – 12 Grades

Hardcover: 111 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1555466879