Reflections of Place: Wabanaki Textile Workshop

This workshop provides the audience the opportunity to examine samples of twined weaving and learn how it connects to the land and Abenaki history. The discussion will cover family oral tradition by Vera Longtoe Sheehan,as well as her research into Wabanaki archeology and first hand studies of surviving ‘material culture.’ Additionally, students will make a hands-on connection to Abenaki culture by making small textile samples and clay impressions, similar to what has been found at archeological sites of the northeast. This combination lecture/workshop is a perfect companion for Cultural Ecology and Understanding Place courses. Class size is limited.

Audience: 4th grade through adult

When: Mutually agreed upon time

Location: In-person at your venue

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Verbal Description: The presenter and a group of college students pose for a picture in the classroom. Some of the students are holding up their clay textile impressions.