Outdoor Education and Allyship with Abenakis (Video)

Outdoor education is placed-based work that relies on land-based knowledge which often borrows from Native American survival and cultural craft skills. This type of work and connection to the land may lead educators to wonder how they can be good allies for the American Abenaki people. Panelists from several Abenaki cultural organizations will discuss their organizations and allyship needs. Join Vera Longtoe Sheehan, Sherry Gould, Chan Crawford, and Rich Holschuh for this rich discussion. Hosted by the Abenaki Arts & Education Center and Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, with our partners at the Atowi Project, Abenaki Trails Project, and Alnobaiwi.

Sponsored by Vermont Wilderness School and co-sponsored by:

The Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, Crow’s Path, EarthWalk Vermont Farm & Wilderness Foundation, The Green Mountain Conservancy, The Inside-Outside program at Antioch University, The North Branch Nature Center, The Retreat Farm, ReTribe, SUSU commUNITY Farm, The Garland School, The Nature Museum.

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Verbal description: fall outdoor scene with people hiking over a hilltop. The people are wearing hats, jackets, and backpacks.

Title: Outdoor Education and Allyship with American Abenakis
Publisher: Abenaki Arts & Education Center
Year: 2022