Nebi: Sacred Vermont Waterways

From the YouTube channel of the “Year of Indigenous Peoples of the AmericasCultural Initiative, a program of SUNY Empire State College. For this new virtual residency curriculum, a series of videos has been created with indigenous culture keepers sharing various aspects of their people’s understandings.

In this production, S8gm8 (Cheif) Roger Longtoe Sheehan speaks about the Abenaki relationship with the land and rivers of Ndakinna, and how these interactions take place within their worldview. The interview took place in June, 2018 at the Abenaki Heritage Weekend annual event at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

-Video description, Elnu Abenaki Sagmo Roger Longtoe Sheehan on Sacred Sites in Vermont by Year Of Indigenous Peoples.

Producers(s): Rhianna Rogers PhD and Vera Longtoe Sheehan, Empire State College
Publisher: YouTube.
Year: Aug 31, 2018