Land Acknowledgements

We developed this course to meet needs of the overwhelming amount of requests we receive for helping people develop land acknowledgment.

Level 1: Course includes an overview of Abenaki history, background of land acknowledgements, guided exploration activities, and feedback that result in a land acknowledgments.

Level 2: We will help you understand how to make your organization’s Land Acknowledgement actionable and meaningful beyond posting the words in a physical space or on a website. 

Make your Land Acknowledgement meaningful and incorporate it into the actions of your daily work.

Audience: Non-profits, LLCs, schools, libraries, etc.

When: Dates to take place at a mutual

Location: In-person or Zoom

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Heidi Swevens, Director of Community Partnerships Inclusive Arts Vermont

The Land Use Acknowledgement training … truly facilitated connections on many levels. We reached out …with an intent to develop Land Use Acknowledgement practices that are more than words.  Through a series of workshop conversations, we were guided through content, questions, vulnerability, and writing exercises that paralleled, for me, the creative process itself.   I wrote a Land Use Acknowledgment that feels authentic to its purpose of recognizing Abenaki Presence with this Land.  I am grateful for the organized, multi-dimensional, and responsive learning environment Vera cultivated.

I’m aware that the workshop represents a beginning more so than completion. There is more to learn and unlearn.  And Inclusive Arts Vermont plans to connect with … in the future for a similar workshop with more members of our team. In the meantime, when I offer Land Use Acknowledgements, the practice connects with memories from the workshops with Vera, her guidance and care, and reverence from my own heart.