Embracing Abenaki Culture in the Classroom

Join us for an immersive exploration of Abenaki culture led by scholars, historians, and culture bearers. This experience spans over 13,000 years of history, with discussions informed by music, history, archaeology, weaving, social justice issues, and heirloom plants central to Abenaki culture.

Designed with auditing teachers in mind, this course provides insights into seamlessly infusing Abenaki culture into various learning environments. Explore dispelling stereotypes, utilizing new classroom resources, and age-appropriate activities, and fostering inclusivity that supports Abenaki and other Native students. Beyond the traditional scope, this course encourages the incorporation of Abenaki cultural elements across academic disciplines, enriching educational approaches.

Equipped with adaptable tools, resources, and lesson plan ideas, you’ll empower your teaching with a perspective that resonates with students from all backgrounds, enhancing their understanding of Abenaki culture and its enduring significance. This engagement will not only encourage cultural appreciation but also enable you to cultivate an inclusive learning space, where diversity is celebrated and education takes on a vibrant life.

Presented through a partnership between the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, Abenaki Arts & Education Center, and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

Audience: Teachers, Educators, and homeschoolers

When: Fall semester (September through December)

Location: Hybrid of Zoom and Moodle (learning management system)

Credits: Auditing only – 0 Credits

Tuition: $950 standard tuition

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