Dancing Blue Wolf Sings for Little Ones

Dancing Blue Wolf will drum and share songs with the audience, inviting them to join her in singing. She will share some information about each song and why it is sung.

Audience: Pre-K-3rd grade and families with young children

When: Mutually agreed time

Location: Virtual on Zoom

Verbal description of presenter and surroundings: Francine Poitras Jones is an older woman with white, medium-length hair. She is wearing a red shirt with ribbons, a dark-colored peaked cap that matches her wrap skirt, and leggings (leg coverings). Her cap, skirt, and leggings are made from black wool and embellished with colorful ribbons, and one stripe of white lace. Francine is sitting in her art studio. It has white walls and she has many shelves of art supplies organized into bins on the shelves. In the background, there is a painting by Francine of an Abenaki couple wearing traditional clothes similar to Francines’.