Before taking our course Presenting Abenaki Culture in the Classroom, most of the teachers we polled were uncomfortable with teaching about Abenaki Culture because they didn’t feel like they had reliable knowledge. Teachers wanted curriculum resources that were developed by Abenaki educators.

This section of the AAEC’s website contains ready-to-use curriculum materials, such as study guides and activity sheets that meet national ELA Common Core Standards, regional standards for Global Citizenship, and Flexible Pathways (Act 77). Some of the topics explored include indigenous peoples, Vermont history and land, traditions and culture, storytelling, music, community. Standards: CC ELA: RL 1-10, SL 1-4, RH 7, WHST 7-8. C3. D2. Geo.2, 3, 6, 7, His. 2-4, 7

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Celebrating Abenaki Culture: Wearing Our Heritage (Social Studies and Ethnic Studies)

After four Abenaki tribes received recognition from the state of Vermont their citizens were finally able to self identify themselves […] Continue Reading

Alnobak: Wearing Our Heritage (study guide)

Originally developed as an interpretive guide for the Alnobak: Wearing Our Heritage exhibit, this study guide was adapted to […] Continue Reading

NIKWÔBI: An Accompanying Study Guide for Abenaki Performances (Music)

This guide is meant to deepen the experiential learning for students participating during the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association’s performances at  […] Continue Reading