Customized Programs, Teacher Training, and Professional Development in Cultural Competency, and Diversity Lunches.

Some of our areas of interest include: Abenaki history, culture, social justice. ecology, food ways, life ways, etc..

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The Abenaki 101 is program that is based on curriculum that our Founder developed many years ago. It answers the questions who are the Abenaki? Where do they live? The program highlights cultural traditions, tenets, and resiliency. This is a flexible program that can be adapted to any age level.


Teachers have fun while learning.

INSTRUCTORS: Vera Longtoe Sheehan

Music, history and archaeology, weaving, social justice issues, and heirloom plants . . .

Vermont Abenaki Artists Association scholars, historians, and culture bearers will present this vibrant regional culture that reaches back nearly 13,000 years and continues today. Presenting Abenaki Culture in the Classroom course will provide teachers and home schoolers a deeper understanding of how indigenous culture continues into the 21st century. Sessions will include history and stereotypes; new resources being developed for use in classrooms; age-appropriate activities; and how teachers can better support Abenaki and other Native students while presenting American history and additional academic content areas.

Teachers choose from a certificate or credit from Castleton Univeristy. Register here


Are you thinking about developing a land acknowledgment for your company, school, or event? This course was developed to help VAAA meet the needs of the overwhelming amount of requests we receive for helping people develop land acknowledgments. Course includes an overview of Abenaki history, background of land acknowledgements, guided exploration activities, and feedback that result in a land acknowledgments. Dates to take place at a mutually agreed upon time.