Babaskwahomwôgan: The Spirit Game

Image showing men playing lacrosse.
Lacrosse detail image. Courtesy of Francine Poitras Jones.

Lacrosse, Little Brother of War, or The Spirit Game…No matter what you call it, the game require the players to have great skill and demonstrate physical prowess. Babaskwahomwôgan:The Spirit Game brings together a collection of traditional and modern Lacrosse sticks, with family images of players and the original artwork from the book Swift Deer’s Spirit Game. Watercolor paintings by Francine Poitras Jones bring the game and a village to life. Curated by Vera Longtoe Sheehan

Swift Deer’s Spirit Game author Brian Chevenert and illustrator Francine Poitras Jones, both members of the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association.

Babaskwahomwôgan: The Spirit Game was on view at Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum from mid-May to mid-July 2019.

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