Azban’s Great Journey

These traditional and modern tales of the raccoon Azban, trickster of the Western Abenaki people, provided timeless lessons for all people. Azban begins his search for food and fun in the far north, at Lake Memphremagog, where he “earns” his stripes, then he moves on to the Nulhegan River where he “hunts” crawfish. Traveling further south Azban “gathers” honey along the Connecticut River, and then corn from a Koasek Abenaki village. He meets a challenge at Bellows Falls and investigates the strange sounds around Mt. Tom. His adventures end where the river meets the ocean in Long Island sound but, Azban promises more adventure during his return trip!

– Back cover, Azban’s Great Journey by Brian Chenevert, 2015.

Author(s): Brian Chenevert

Illustrator: Allison Gedman 

Grade Level: 4 – 6

Paperback: 56 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Year: 2015

ISBN–13: 978-1503227347