Sharing Abenaki Educational Resources with Classrooms Across N’dakinna

Welcome to the Abenaki Arts & Education Center!

The Abenaki Arts and Education Center was created as a central place to connect students and teachers with Abenaki history and cultural resources that have been vetted by Abenaki scholars, educators, and culture bearers. It will  help you find appropriate information for your research papers or lesson plans. The website also contains several exhibits about Abenaki culture.

Our mission is to share Abenaki education resources with classrooms across N’Dakinna (our homeland). We do this by making Abenaki curriculum materials and resources available so Abenaki history and living culture can be taught throughout our homeland. Our vision is that Abenaki culture will be integrated into the curriculum across all content areas.

The Abenaki Arts and Education Center is an initiative of the Vermont Abenaki Artsists Association.