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We created the Abenaki Arts & Education Center (AAEC) because Abenaki history and culture are not included in the regional curriculum and it is difficult for teachers to find Abenaki educators and authentic curriculum resources. The Abenaki Arts & Education Center is an educational institution of the future. It has no walls and it exists through an online presence (website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page). You may navigate the website via the sidebar on the left using the search bar, Select page menu, the tag word cloud at the bottom of the sidebar, or from the Resources tab on the menu at the top of the page. Note – Large words have many resources and smaller words denote fewer resources.

Our mission is to support American Abenaki sovereignty through education and sharing Abenaki history and cultural resources with people of all ages so Abenaki living culture can be taught across N’Dakinna (our homeland).

Our vision is a future when Abenaki culture will be integrated into all academic content areas, and our virtual exhibitions and interpretive materials will be available regionally and globally.

Teacher Training – August 4th

Abenaki Teach-In: Water is Life

Join Abenaki Arts & Education Center educators for a full-day workshop on August 4th, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, in Vergennes, VT. $35 materials fee includes lunch. Registration Required. You will receive additional instructions during and after registration.

Developed through a partnership between the Abenaki Arts and Education Center, and Vermont Abenaki Artists Association. Supported in part by Vermont Humanities. Read More

Questions? Please contact Elisa by email programassociate@abenakiart.org or call (802) 265-0092.

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In addition to the free resources listed on this website, we also offer many educational programs, we also offer live and virtual programs centered around Abenaki culture and cultural competency, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) topics, and we have a YouTube channel with videos.

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