Sharing Abenaki Educational Resources with Classrooms Across N’dakinna

Welcome to the Abenaki Arts & Education Center!

AAEC is an educational institution dedicated to interdisciplinary research and studies about the Abenaki people and N’Dakinna’s (Abenaki for homeland). We provide transformative humanities programs for K-12, collegiate, and adult audiences. Additionally, all of the resources we develop and recommend are vetted by our team of Abenaki scholars, educators, and culture bearers. 

Our mission is to share Abenaki history and culture resources with people of all ages so Abenaki living culture can be taught throughout across N’Dakinna (our homeland). We do this by developing Abenaki curriculum materials, resources, and programs that are often developed and presented in partnership with our Sister organization, the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association. Our vision is a future when Abenaki culture will be integrated into all academic content areas and our virtual exhibitions and interpretive materials will be available globally.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion  are important principles for us. Therefore, we create and publish Open Education Resources (OER) that are free to the public. We also offer programs centered around Abenaki culture, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, and accessibility topics.

We were conceived as an educational institution of the future that has no walls and exists through an online presence (website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page).